NASER provides transparency into its business practices; the modern consumer’s knowledge of environmental issues and working conditions means they respond to transparent business practices. And transparency is now more of an expectation than an option.

We create sustainable processes and engaging our customers with it; a demand for more sustainable materials and production methods is a key hallmark of new consumerism.

At NASER, fashion and sustainability both exist.

Fashion is sexy, addictive, exclusive and very fast moving; sustainability on the other hand, it's about slowness, care, flourishing and responsibility.

We believe at NASER that things are changing for the better to a new type of fashion industry based on ecological and holistic principles of closing the loop on materials that prioritizes our communities and values and respecting all the people in the supply chain.

We really have to understand the behavior of change and invent it. Sustainability asks us at NASER as human beings to consider really deep questions about how personal relationships to nature and the ethics in our actions. We need to encourage on bringing personal values to work. We always need to come up with creative solutions and preserve innovation.

NASER seeks to be more organic and using renewable energy. NASER sustainability is always considering crucial key points that have an impact on our planet such as deforestation, water use, soil erosion, and energy use.

In fact, textile manufacturing has a big environmental footprint, it polluted around 200 tons of water per ton of fabric using many harmful chemicals and consuming enormous amount of energy steam and hot water. We can reduce the percentage use of water and the use of energy.

Our textiles don't necessarily need to be 100% organic to use organic label. A more general term is organic textiles, which includes apparel. The technical requirements in terms of certification and origin generally remain same for organic clothing and organic textiles. Resourcing is the key in our company's vision and its business model especially being able to support our company at initiating agreements in the developing countries especially if we find ways to manufacture over there.

More about what we believe in:

Synonymous with the best of creativity and the Italian manufacturing tradition, but, with passion, we actively connect our customers into sustainability yet making them feel valuable with our originality and the beauty of our products and the overall elegant look.
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The importance of selecting the best natural fibres directly from the markets of origin, has been the cornerstone of Naser’s pre-eminence in the luxury fabric market. A positive and fair relationship with the communities, regions and countries was essential for the success and for the constant improvement of fibres.
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NASER is also synonymous with the best of creativity and the Italian manufacturing tradition. In the years ahead, our people will look to us for guidance and inspiration, they want to know that we care for them and their families, they will model their behavior on our integrity and they will get that courage from our steadfastness.
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