Get the Premium Naser Bespoke Suit Experience

A suit is not just a piece of clothing that you pick from the store rack and expect it to hug you and provide you an image with wich you capture everyone's attention and trust. A suit is a piece of you that has to have it's birth celebrated in the best way possible.

Making a suit is like synesthesia.

At Naser we want to offer you not only our most experienced italian taylors and the best materials and accesories, we want to offer you an all sensorial process.

We want you to remember everytime you put on our suit to attend a business meeting or a romantic dinner, that this suit was born by your own ideas and you was present all the way.

Because we are specialised in small bathces of product to be sure we deliver everytime the best possible, this time it's all about you, because if we break it down, everything starts from one thing - YOU.

We will pick you up from the airport or hotel with a luxurious car. You have the chance to meet at brunch our Founder, Omar Naser and learn more about the soul of our company.

Next, both of you will meet out taylors at our workshop and discuss about the style you like, choose the fabric, buttons and other elements that will be the starting point of your new premium suit. Don't worry if you think you are not very good at deciding what's what, we are there to guide you and discuss based on our wide experince of dealing with one of a kind suits made for a specific customer.

With your meassures taken, while our taylor creates the pattern and makes a initial frame sewn by hand, over expresso and tiramisu you will have more time to see how, after so many years, new generations respect the craft that they learned from their predecesors.

After you will try and feel the suit on your body, surely you will feel blessed. Minor changes will be made so it will be 100% fitted for your body.

To complete the day we will fix the dates to come and verify that that during the tailoring process the suit is as espected, perfect that is.


Our team will give you all the details in a short presentation about availability,
terms and conditions and prices.