Our Mission:

"The way we approach difficulties is by making our products exquisitely designed, simple to use and user-friendly. And we happen to make fashion with passion and inspiration and also through overcoming difficulties and creating the change we want to see every day.".

Our Vision:

"To be one of the five major brands in the world, in everything we do, we believe in challenging the current circumstances, solving problems, serving, thinking differently is what makes our legacy unique."

The NASER man

is authentic, humble, confident, ambitious, admirer of the traditions, energetic, citizen of the world, kind and not too stiff to have a sense of humor.

The NASER woman

is independent, authentic, stilish but genuine, confident, modest, family oriented, shy and classy.

NASER, as a company, is to strengthen noble characters and having an eye of mercy and compassion with everyone.

In the years ahead, our people will look to us for guidance and inspiration, they want to know that we care for them and their families, they will model their behavior on our integrity and they will get that courage from our steadfastness; these are the NASER attributes that will be planted to the next generations.


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NASER is an international fashion house that designs, manufactures, distributes, and retails haute couture, ready to wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories and eyewear. NASER brand will market these products under several labels, highly specialized sub labels. The NASER name is to become synonymous with high-end fashion and couture worldwide and will be considered one of the most prestigious names in the fashion industry.

NASER is a rising brand with big passion and vision, opulent sensuality, excellent quality and sophisticated style. NASER is icon of elegance. It is distinguished by its stylistic originality combined with the superior sartorial content of its creations. NASER is also synonymous with the best of creativity and the Italian manufacturing tradition.

NASER is combination of originality, simplicity, luxury, modernity, sustainability and unique style. We trademark an aspiration, NASER quality shapes its customers lives and it's just not the products we produce, it's the art we create, it's the brand vision, the signature and the brand sustainability.

At NASER, Fashion and sustainability both exist. Fashion is sexy, addictive, exclusive and very fast moving; sustainability on the other hand, it's about slowness, care, flourishing and responsibility.

We believe at NASER that things are changing for the better to a new type of fashion industry based on ecological and holistic principles of closing the loop on materials that prioritizes our communities and values and respecting all the people in the supply chain.