We believe that the future of fashion is circular – it will be restorative and regenerative by design and the clothes we love will never end up as waste.

As we continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo we want to evolve from just reducing our impact to making a positive impact. We want to completely reimagine the fashion industry as we know it and move to a new circular economy.

Making circularity a reality.

The systems we rely on to make, sell and dispose of clothing are broken. Operated in an almost completely linear way, large amounts of non-renewable resources are continually extracted to produce the products we love, which largely end up going to landfill or incineration.
Changing this linear system demands radical transformation. It means everyone in the fashion industry working together with unprecedented levels of commitment and innovation. We see this as an exciting opportunity to unleash the creative potential of fashion and it is an opportunity we are proud to be part of.

The Circular Economy

A circular economy looks beyond the current take-make-dispose extractive business model and aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits.

It is based on three principles:
  • design out waste and pollution;
  • keep products and materials in use;
  • regenerate natural systems.

Facts & figures

  • A new textiles economy (i.e. the circular economy) presents a $500 billion opportunity to the fashion industry.
  • There is a staggering amount of textile waste being produced – the equivalent of 1 dump truck of textiles gets landfilled or burned every second.
  • Less than 1% of clothing are recycled into new clothes.
  • The clothing waste accumulated between today and 2025 will weigh as much as today’s world population.

We need to change the system by making fashion circular and eliminating the concept of waste.

Circular initiatives and partnerships

The transition to a circular economy will require exceptional levels of collaboration across the value chain and the implementation of new business models.

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Synonymous with the best of creativity and the Italian manufacturing tradition, but, with passion, we actively connect our customers into sustainability yet making them feel valuable with our originality and the beauty of our products and the overall elegant look.
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The importance of selecting the best natural fibres directly from the markets of origin, has been the cornerstone of Naser’s pre-eminence in the luxury fabric market. A positive and fair relationship with the communities, regions and countries was essential for the success and for the constant improvement of fibres.
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NASER is also synonymous with the best of creativity and the Italian manufacturing tradition. In the years ahead, our people will look to us for guidance and inspiration, they want to know that we care for them and their families, they will model their behavior on our integrity and they will get that courage from our steadfastness.
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